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Specialist in consumer credit litigation

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John Pugh LLB (Hons)

Clerk: Suzanne Thomas

Claims under 25,000

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0151 236 5415


14182 Liverpool 1 (not accessed every day - please email if using Document Exchange)

Fees for public access work:  Click link on left for fixed fees for work in consumer credit and financial mis-selling claims for under 25,000. For work of greater value, I will provide a written quotation on receipt of necessary details. Fixed fees are shown with and without VAT.

Fees for professional and licences access clients: I will provide written fee quotations by email or seek clarification by telephone or email if needed. Please see links on left for indicative rates for paperwork, brief fees and conferences. These rates are shown without VAT.

How to obtain a fee quotation: Professional, licensed access and/or lay clients (as appropriate) please contact my clerk to obtain a quotation  at summarising what you would like me to do. Please do not go into too much detail until I can reassure you I can do the work within the and within the period you require. All fee quotes to public access clients will state the amount of the fee and VAT

Additional Work: For work not covered by fixed fees or indicative information in claims under 25,000, please ask for a supplementary quotation by email. If work is required which falls outside that quoted for I will email you a separate written quotation. 

Time scales: I am usually able to provide paperwork or advice within 14 days of instruction. If you are working to a time limit please let my clerk know to ensure I can meet it. For hearings or trials, please email my clerk for availability.

Time scales for public access clients: Before litigation commences I will usually be able to advise you within 14 days of receipt of full instructions.  After litigation has commenced there will be court rules to comply with. If you have received a claim do not delay. To ensure that your defence is filed on time I will need a lead in time. Amending a defence after filing is an expense best avoided by early instruction.  
Tel: 0151 236 5415        Email:        DX 14182 Liverpool 1
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