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Specialist in consumer credit litigation

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John Pugh LLB (Hons)

Eileen Ashton JP LLB (Hons)
Practice Manager.

Suzanne Thomas

Useful Links

The UK Statute Law Database -
For all UK statutes and all statutory instruments post 1987.

Links to pre 1987 SI's -
For some early SI's relevant to unenforceable consumer credit agreements.

Link to ICOB - for Insurance: Conduct of Business Rules from 14.01.05 to 06.01.08.

Link to ICOBS - for Insurance: Conduct of Business Rules Sourcebook from 06.01.08 to date.

Link to Table of FSA Fines - for inter alia mis-selling of PPI.

British & Irish Legal Information Institute - For UK Law Reports.

Civil Procedure Rules & Court Forms -
For all CPR, Pre Action Protocols, Specialist Court Guides and Court Forms.

Law Costing Limited -
For Law Costs Draftsmen with particular experience of CFA and ATE insurance.

PPI Comparison Table - Useful FSA tool setting out real costs of PPI to compare with schemes mis-sold by banks.

OFT Guidance for calculating APR -
Helps with the maths.

Public Access Information for lay people wishing to instruct a barrister direct

CPD points online - Useful podcasts by practising barristers - Quick convenient and full of practical, up-to-date information.

The Bar Standards Board - For a copy of the Bar's Code of Conduct.


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