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Specialists in consumer credit and commercial debt litigation

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John Pugh LLB (Hons)

Eileen Ashton JP LLB (Hons)
Practice Manager

Suzanne Thomas

Personal Injury Litigation

We will undertake personal injury cases involving employers liability, public liability, occupiers' liability and road traffic claims.

Whilst espousing a robust approach to such litigation and the need for efficiency we point to the great advantages of having counsel draft such Particulars of Claim. By pleading any case in detail as opposed to merely processing it with a computer program, poor cases can be rooted out. The Particulars of Claim is the first document any judge looks at in the trial bundle.  A coherent, detailed and well crafted statement of case can set the tone for the judge's subsequent perusal of the bundle.

We are familiar with the current (and past) employment regulations. We have access to all the current comparables in order to advise on quantum. We encourage solicitors to permit us to advise on evidence after disclosure and inspection and before exchange of witness statements.  In this process advice can be given as to:

  • Completeness of the Claimant's evidence
  • Whether further enquiries are needed
  • The content of the trial bundle
  • Whether notices (to produce, of hearsay, to admit etc) need to be served
  • Whether any Part 36 offer should be made or reconsidered
  • A realistic time estimate for trial  

We accept electronic instruction and delivery.

We are happy to attend on disposal hearings as well as trials in Courts in the North of England, Midlands and North Wales. 

We do understand the importance of client goodwill to our instructing solicitors. Without exception we always have time for your client, just as we do for our own public access clients.

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