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Specialist in consumer credit litigation

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John Pugh LLB (Hons)

Eileen Ashton JP LLB (Hons)
Practice Manager.

Suzanne Thomas

John Pugh's specialist civil litigation services: John Pugh fought his first trial in 1972.  Since about 1980 he has specialised in debt related litigation, both disputed business to business commercial debts and disputed business to consumer debts.  He is not a mediator, arbitrator, adjudicator, judge, early neutral evaluator nor any other legal offshoot.  He is skilled in all these forms of dispute resolution but he is first and foremost an advocate and advisor upon matters of law, evidence and procedure.  He will use his experience of litigation strategy and tactics to give you a realistic risk assessment and make you an early case plan.  He embraced public access form its inception in 2004. He has long experience in helping people resolve their disputes in or out of court without incurring the substantial expense of solicitors unless absolutely necessary.  Set out below are some of his main areas of practice.

Consumer Credit Litigation: including Financial Mis-selling, Mortgage Mis-selling, Unfair Relationships, Unenforceable Credit Agreements, Assigned Consumer Credit Debts, (CFA sometimes available). >>>

Modern Late Payment Law: Maximising the use of the Late Payment Directives.  Dealing with attempts to circumvent the Late Payment Directive and the intimidation of those who use it.  He have also created an innovative web site for cheap online recovery of undisputed business debts. >>>

Disputed debt and damages claims: primarily in relation to supply of goods and services and asset finance and all claims for damages for breach of contract.>>>

Personal Injury Litigation: Employers Liability, Occupier's Liability, Public Liability, Road Traffic. We offer quality paperwork, electronic instruction and delivery and fast turn round (CFA available).  >>>

Public Access: John Pugh has long experience of Public Access.  Obtain the services of a barrister direct without incurring the costs of a solicitor to obtain it. >>>

Consumer Credit and Financial Mis-selling on Public Access: -We provide a specialist public access service in respect of disputed consumer credit agreements.

Business to Business Commercial Disputes on Public Access: We provide a specialist public access service for businesses involved in disputes with other businesses over payment, delivery and quality of goods and services.

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